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Our Testimonials

Sharin Banu - Great Use Of Technology
I always wanted to thank you for your service. With your help I found an excellent maid. My husband travels a lot and I sometimes travel with him. We have our son, aged 14 with us in Singapore. I don't want to leave him alone when I am travelling. So we decided to get a maid. I wanted someone with some experience and not too young. When you came to our home, I told you what I needed and soon afterwards you showed me all your suitable candidates via projection and invited to interview some candidates via Skype. I was impressed with your doorstep service, your effective use of technology and the thoroughness of your work. I never thought I can find a maid from the comfort of my own home. With your personalised service, I was able to find an excellent maid. We definitely made the right choice. Dwi has now worked for us for over half a year and I am very contented with her work. I can rely on her to manage the household alone when I am not in Singapore. Once again, thank you for your help. You listened well when I told you how my maid should be, and made a good choice. Your service was fast, personalised and reliable. I already recommended your agency to different friends and will continue to do so.

Nick Patterson - My Friends Don't Believe Me
We were happy we found the right helper and the right agency with D'Absolute Maids. Their doorstop service impressed my wife very much. Many of her friends all complained about their maid agencies and we were sceptical. However Shawn made us feel at ease, answered all our questions patiently and never pushed a hard sale on us. At every point we felt well protected and in good hands. The way we used his iPad to link to my HDTV and used his iPhone to control his presentation was very impressive. I felt more like in a business meeting at the comfort of my home. In fact none of our friends believed what we told them and now they want D'Absolute Maids' number. This is how all maid agencies should operate in the future.

Geraldine Seah - Impressive Doorstop Service
When I started my search for a maid, I was overwhelmed by the number of websites online and it was very confusing to identify which agency was good. I contacted a few and all of them asked me to come down and select one. I then contacted D'Absolute Maids and Shawn asked me if he can come down to show his database of candidates. I was surprised and I never knew of any agency who offered to come to my place at my convenience to show me the candidates. I am a trader and my working hours are very irregular. So his proposal appealed to me. That next morning at around 8am, he came to my home and explained the regulatory requirements, identified my needs involved in hiring a domestic worker and the procedures involved. Once I was ready he then plugged his laptop to his projector and showed me all his suitable candidates. I narrowed down to 2 and he immediate set up a Skype call for me to talk to the candidate. In the end, I selected one of them. This is my first experience hiring a maid and Shawn did a fantastic job coming to my home instead of asking me to go to his office. I am a very busy person and that is why I found his level of service very enterprising and innovative. Despite many negative comments from netizens on the bad service experience from maid agencies, I believe Shawn showed me that there are still very innovative, hardworking and enterprising agencies who put their customers' interest first. I will definitely recommend D'Absolute Maids to all my friends.
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